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Funeral trade services accompany humankind forever, let's think and behave on death and funeral at humankind and world level.


Funeral Trade is one of the most common industries world-wide


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How to deal with the dead, is so important for the living people

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essay & video by RML: visit Funeral Home & Corpse Museum


dead body making-up in morgue,

RML is among the watchers.

bone ash is collected after cremation

RML (in black)  is recording 

dead body in coffin is to be cremated

photo taken by RML

I visited a Corpse Museum in 2014 and a Funeral Home in 2015, took photos and videos. 


Each day, normally hundreds of thousand individuals die in the whole world.


Dealing with the dead bodies is a major & important problem for the people still living.


Modern Science & Technology can help humankind in this eternal subject throughout history. 

big hall in Funeral Home & specimens in Corpse Museum

I am Royal Mentor Lee, initiator of Funeral Trade project, which is one of SunTree Projects held by myself.

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Funeral Trade is a world-wide project concerning all death and funerel related subjects.Welcome to share wide-ranging materials and ideas of Funeral Trade with me and others.